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Checketts, PC handles the entire accounting cycle.

You no longer need to advertise for, interview, hire, train, manage, or provide workspace for an accounting staff.

Eliminate employee payroll taxes and benefits.

Peace of mind that the accounting process will be done accurately and on time.

24/7 access to your accounting information whether you are at the office, home, on a business trip, or on a vacation, as long as you have a computer with a modem connection.

Data receives multi-layered protection, 3 firewalls, 128K encryption, and password protection.

Accounting information is secure, remotely backed-up, and stored in a fire safe vault, so in-house computer crashing or other disasters are no longer a concern.

A CPA will review your financial statements and have strategy sessions with you to discuss your business status and goals.

The monthly fee is as much as a 40% savings in accounting costs, and at the same time, you are gaining a part-time CFO.

Our bookkeepers are trained by us and supervised by our professional accounting managers. Since we work as a team, you always have someone available to help you.

We do not print checks for you (done in your office) or make deposits, you have an added layer of protection in that cash is handled in your office, but all the record keeping is handled in ours

Our professional team works with any type of accounting software package

We provide consistent and accurate bookkeeping as well as guidance on financial transactions and management reporting that you may not currently have with your in-house staff. Many times accountants find out about a transaction too late to recommend a more beneficial approach.

We can receive your documents in minutes, process them within 24 hours, and provide fast, accurate output. You have the ability to print checks and invoices in your offices. For example, if you need a final paycheck for a terminated employee, you can send the information to our TEAM and be able to print it in your office within a few minutes.

We may offer a broader range of skills than you are currently able to hire. We have more resources than your typical in-house bookkeeper. By using e-mail, voice mail, web pages, electronic banking, scanning and working with vendors to get them on electronic data exchange we have eliminated the need for a data entry clerk at your office.

We already have an in-house bookkeeper and a year-end accountant. Why should we switch to Online Accounting?

We offer a high quality accounting/bookkeeping and can save you the time and expense of mailing documents, personally visiting an accounting office, or having to manage your own in-house accounting

Three highly qualified professionals (CPA, Accounting Specialist, Bookkeeping Clerk) will have a working knowledge of your books, and are only a phone call or
e-mail away.

For a small or medium sized business, the level of expertise would normally be cost prohibitive. When a company relies on only one person to do their accounting, inconveniences and problems occur when that employee calls in sick, or had to miss work for other reasons, or even leave the company on short notice. That does not happen with us. How do I start