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QuickBooks Consultation:

We provide training and consultation on QuickBooks by a professional advisor. We come to your business, listen to your needs and then customize QuickBooks to your specifications. Our one-on-one training is designed to increase productivity by minimizing data entry. We can customize reports so that it is easier for you to analyze your business activity. Our support is ongoing, either through additional training, consultations, or via the telephone.

QuickBooks Set-up:

You've bought the program, now what? Let us get you started right from the beginning. We can personalize your file for your business, and provide the framework for your use. We also can help "fix" your file, if you have already started using the program.

QuickBooks Training:

We offer training that is specific for your business. In fact, we use your accounting data to train either you or your bookkeeper. We don't just tell you or show you how BUT we have you do the setup and data entry (with our help of course). When you are done with the training-you have a working knowledge how to use QuickBooks in your business. This is NOT generic training BUT training how to use QuickBooks in your business.

QuickBooks Review:

If you would rather keep track of your business using QuickBooks, we can help. We provide monthly review services, so you can be sure your information is accurate. We reconcile your accounts, review classifications, and answer questions.

QuickBooks Support:

Once these programs are in place, our role often becomes that of a part-time controller, whereby we intermittently "check up" on the accuracy and ongoing reconciliation of the accounting records. This service helps those clients to feel more comfortable with their financial statements since a professional in the accounting field has "looked over" the input, which generated the financial statements.